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Metamorphosis Alpha – Blank Character Sheet & Bonus Pregenerated Characters


The new edition of Metamorphosis Alpha is now in stores and in the hands of Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. To help everyone jump in and start playing, we have a couple of quick aids you can print and use immediately!

A group of five pre-generated characters for use by players, including artwork by Lindsay Archer:

MA-RPG-pregencharsA blank copy of the character sheet to make your own mutants:


And here is the free Preview that teachers players the basic rules of the game:



Thanks to everyone so far who has purchased the game and offered reviews and feedback! We love to know what you think of the System 26 rules set and the new edition of Metamorphosis Alpha. Game on!

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Jamie here! I grew up in north Georgia, and spent lots of time fighting back the creeping vine that is everywhere down here: Kudzu. If you drive on the backroads and byways you’ll see trees, telephone poles, abandoned houses, and old cars completely blanketed by this plant and only visible by shape.

In honor of this menace, we present Kudzilla—a mutant monstrosity for the new Metamorphosis Alpha RPG! You can ask for the game at your local retailer or get it directly from us. Click on the link for the bonus content … KUDZILLA!