The Lovecraftian ABC’s (eBook)


The Lovecraftian ABC’s features 26 letters man was not meant to know, a book written and illustrated by Ben Mund! (This is a downloadable PDF product.)

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Note: This is a downloadable PDF product. You are purchasing a file to view on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A is for Azathoth, Who listens to flutes
B is for Blighted, Gardner’s farm, leaf to root
C’s for Cthulhu, Mile-high and squishy
D is for Deep Ones, Who smell mildly fishy…

An artist and lifelong fan of Lovecraftian literature, Ben Mund teaches the alphabet and important concepts of the Mythos in one fell swoop. From Azathoth to Zhan you’ll experience the ABCs in a maddening new way!

The Lovecraftian ABC’s features full-color illustrations by Ben Mund in the style of The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar, for adults to enjoy themselves or to read to their children*.

* Signal Fire Studios makes no assurance that reading this work to children will not affect their sanity or teach them of inevitable cosmic doom.


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