5E Adventure – A Delve in the Cave (PDF Only)


A curse. A cave. A crawl. What stalks from the shadows in the cavern under the hill? A Delve in the Cave by Jamie Chambers is an adventure four or five 1st-level characters and uses 5th Edition fantasy RPG rules! This early access edition does not include artwork, additional text, or changes that will be in the final product. This purchase gets you the digital PDF edition.


Product Description

Early Access Edition – PDF Only: This is the pre-release version of the product that doesn’t reflect all the final additions, artwork, and changes that will be in the in-store version. However, anyone who purchases the early access edition will receive a PDF copy of the final. We are currently funding the printing of the final edition—click here for more information!

TablemapSomething lurks in the shadows inside the caverns under the hill called Brin Brenin. Ancient enemies of mankind have returned for revenge, starting with the tomb of a long-forgotten hero. Somewhere inside are answers to forgotten questions, deadly monsters, and hidden treasures. This adventure contains everything needed to run a group of four or five 1st-level characters through the adventure in one to three sessions of play using the 5th Edition rules of the world’s original fantasy roleplaying game! You will need the core rulebooks or the free basic rules that can be found online. This purchase gets you the digital PDF edition. Signal Fire Studios LLC grants permission to copy, print, and use these files for personal use only.


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