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Building An Elder GodThis page will host frequently asked questions and important rules clarifications. Feel free to leave additional questions you may have as comments to this page or to contact us directly. Here we will also offer ideas for variant rules and alternate styles of play. Thanks for enjoying Building An Elder God!


Can an inside (interior) card be damaged?
No, only outside (exterior) cards may be damaged.

Can a player continue to build on a damaged section?
No. A player must heal a damage card before they can play additional tentacle cards. If there are two or more “branches” of the creature because of split (T) cards a player may continue to play tentacle cards.

Can a player discard instead of playing?
Yes. A player can choose to discard and redraw some or all of their cards as their turn.

Variant Rules

Crappy Cultist

Players may play damaged tentacle cards on themselves as they would any other player. All other normal damage card rules apply. This may seem counterintuitive, but it speeds up the game and makes for a greater variety in play. For example, it allows you to stop someone else from turning you the wrong direction or can give you that right-hand turn you desperately need if all you have are a damaged right-turn and a Necronomicon to heal it the next time you play.

In game fiction terms, this represents you getting cheese puff powder on your magic dagger, sneezing while reciting the Yog-Sothoth’s Spell of Exact Pronounciation, or dropping your watch into the Cauldron of Terror.

Elder Sign Nuclear Option

If you collect two Elder Sign cards, you may play them both on your turn and everyone at the table loses the specified number of cards rather than just you and your target.

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