In addition to my writing, I make and produce games! This page is not a comprehensive list of everything I’ve worked on. Check out my Goodreads page if you want to see more titles I’ve written over the past fifteen years.

Roleplaying Games


Metamorphosis Alpha was the first science-fiction RPG, originally published in 1976 and was written and designed by James M. Ward. I’m excited to relaunch the RPG with a brand-new set of streamlined rules that still evoke the custom feel of the classic game. Play a human or a mutant (whether an altered human, animal, or plant) and explore the vast and ruined starship Warden as it slowly drifts toward in an unknown destination in the galaxy!

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Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors

Working with my friends at Dead Gentlemen Productions, I wrote the art order and helped create the visual style for a new incarnation of the Demon Hunters RPG. Being able to draw upon horror, humor, history, myth, and action let me have perhaps the most fun ever dreaming up art for a book. Our team of artists really nailed it, too, giving great images to pair with the text that help define the world of Demon Hunters and what we wanted for tone.

SnarfQuest RPG Worldbook

One of the awesome elements of my career has been being able to work with people I long-admired and work in worlds I loved growing up. I loved reading Larry Elmore‘s comic adventures of Snarf in Dragon Magazine, and I jumped at the challenge to mix D&D-style rules with humor in the vein of the comic. The book allowed me to stat out races, magic items, character classes, and even a dragon who is convinced he’s actually a duck. I was the lead writer on this one, working with Larry Elmore and Tony Lee. This was published originally in 2002.

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Card Games

Building An Elder God - Card Game

The first game published by my company, Signal Fire Studios, Building An Elder God was designed and illustrated by Ben Mund and developed by yours truly. It combines classic tile-laying cardplay with tentacles and shotguns from the Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Build, blast, banish — and have fun!

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I work with amazing people, and the Pantheon card game was designed by Timothy Brown (Dark Sun, Dragon Kings), developed by me, with a gorgeous cover and lead illustrations by Lindsay Archer. This game lets you play an ancient civilization and call upon the power of mighty gods to smite your enemies!

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