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Red Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Most people engage in self-evaluation and goal-setting at the end of the year or as the new one begins. For me it typically comes up on my birthday, as my brain inevitably begins to focus on questions like “What have you accomplished?” and “What the hell is wrong with you?” In years past I’ve given myself a pat […]

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Blocked Writer

Writer, Unblock Thyself

Look up at the masthead and below my name you see “Writer • Game Designer.” Notice which one comes first, despite the fact that professionally most people associate me with dozens of roleplaying game titles. And while game writing most certainly is writing, along with the nonfiction articles and blogs I’ve done, when I call myself a “Writer” in the […]

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MA 1 Cover

3 Reasons I Love Metamorphosis Alpha

Quick Metamorphosis Alpha RPG Purchase Links: Pre-Order Physical Book + PDF Download eBook/PDF Only from Signal Fire Studios eBook/PDF Only from DriveThruRPG (This post was originally published in 2013, but in celebration of the eBook launch of the new Metamorphosis Alpha eBook and upcoming “dead tree” version, I’m bringing this back for everyone to know […]

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Ancient d20

6 Modern Ideas That Are Decidedly Ancient

With the ability to communicate over vast distances, fly across the globe, and play Candy Crush Saga while standing in a fast food line, we modern first-world humans are living what would have seemed like fantastic science fiction only a few generations ago. But Third Wave cultural bias means that we look at the distant past […]

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Goodman Games Hardcover

Classic Metamorphosis Alpha Returns!

As many of you might know, I’m finishing up a big project that’s both exciting and personal to me, a new edition of the classic Metamorphosis Alpha roleplaying game. The product is late, but despite a few production setbacks I’m really happy and proud about what we’ve accomplished. I’m hopeful this might get a new generation […]

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Jamie Dollar Bill

Buy That For a Dollar!

In updating the site to include some of my writing, I saw that there are some eBooks with my stuff inside you can easily snag for only a buck! So if you want some nerdy reading for your Kindle-friendly device it can be yours on the cheap! Click on the book cover images below to […]

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Turtle Threesome

6 Mundane (or Terrifying) Side-Effects of Sex

SEX. Sex. Sexy sexsexsex. Do I have your attention? Good. Now stop being childish about it as we explore both the ordinary-but-seldom-discussed and rare-and-horrifying things can happen when consenting adults make mattress music. (The article below frankly discusses sex, anatomy, uses inappropriate language, and is not intended for minor children or my Mom. You have […]

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Elder Panda

Jennisodes Podcast

I’m this week’s featured guest on the Jennisodes podcast! Jenn and I talk about games and stuff, and celebrate our “friendship anniversary.” I refuse to listen to myself for a full hour, so please do it for me. I talk about games and stuff. I think. Click here to go check it out!

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Official Munchkin Companion

Munchkin: Killing, Stealing, and Stabbing!

My love of games and the fun of writing for Smart Pop Books collides in The Munchkin Book coming out this November! This official companion to the massively popular card game from Steve Jackson Games will be filled with essays and humor and alternate rules—along with other shenanigans that editor James Lowder brings to the […]

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Buy My Stuff!

It’s “Cyber Monday” as of this writing (which sounds like it should be a sex thing, but is really about buying stuff online while your boss is napping off his Thanksgiving weekend hangover) and I decided I would use this occasion to shamelessly pimp games and books I may or may not have anything to […]

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