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Adventures in Catfishing

Jamie’s Note: Wow, I haven’t updated this thing for nearly a year. Oops. Been pre-occupied with my daughter’s battle with blood cancer. See our website for information if you would like to know more or order some of the fun, geeky items we have for sale to help out our family. Otherwise, enjoy the new content! […]

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The Dress

Why I Love The Dress Debate

Yesterday the internet collectively lost its damn mind over a picture of a dress. On the same day the FCC made a landmark decision over Net Neutrality, Russia threatened to cut gas to Europe, and an American atheist blogger was hacked to death with machetes in Bangladesh … we’re mostly talking about a dress. Also, llamas. […]

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Ancient d20

6 Modern Ideas That Are Decidedly Ancient

With the ability to communicate over vast distances, fly across the globe, and play Candy Crush Saga while standing in a fast food line, we modern first-world humans are living what would have seemed like fantastic science fiction only a few generations ago. But Third Wave cultural bias means that we look at the distant past […]

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Eric the Cavalier

Darkness, Horror, & Maturity in 80s Cartoons

Kid-focused entertainment in the 1980s is best known for being cheaply-produced half-hour advertisements for toys and breakfast cereal. I am proud (or alternately, ashamed) to admit that I was the kid who would rush from the bus stop to pour myself a bowl of crunchy sugar soaked in milk-fat and sit eye-blisteringly close to the family […]

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Happy Meal Mascot

5 Insane Recent Dangers Faced By Kids

(This article uses NSFW “adult” language and the subject includes children who’ve gotten hurt. While the author makes jokes about the bizarre nature of the incidents, he does not think that an injured child is ever funny.) As summertime heats up the northern hemisphere, so too does the number of emergency room visits for our shortest and dumbest […]

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Turtle Threesome

6 Mundane (or Terrifying) Side-Effects of Sex

SEX. Sex. Sexy sexsexsex. Do I have your attention? Good. Now stop being childish about it as we explore both the ordinary-but-seldom-discussed and rare-and-horrifying things can happen when consenting adults make mattress music. (The article below frankly discusses sex, anatomy, uses inappropriate language, and is not intended for minor children or my Mom. You have […]

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Ponythulhu: Friendship Is Madness

Friendship is Madness

A.K.A. The Saga of Ponythulhu It was almost two years ago that my warped brain stumbled upon the idea of combining adorable, magical ponies with the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft. I was running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print our first card game, Building An Elder God, and we were looking for […]

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4 Ways Government Surveillance Is Beyond Global

I’ve come to believe that it’s capitalism that softened the way for government surveillance. Most of us have gladly surrendered our privacy to companies in the name of selling us toothpaste, and the government listening to our phone calls, reading our emails, and peeking in on naked Skype sessions just may not seem like a […]

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4 Recent Examples of Organizational Scroogemanship

It’s only days away from our office luncheon at Signal Fire Studios, and the fake tree has fake presents sitting underneath in festive fashion in the building lobby. This time of year always leaves me feeling that I’m not doing enough, not giving enough both in terms of the business — rewarding loyal customers, my […]

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Writer, Baker, and T-Shirt Maker

Last night I created a t-shirt as a birthday present for my daughter, featuring a chicken wearing a necktie. I suppose this bears some explanation. It was about 8th grade I settled into what would be my dress code for life. Being the dork I’ve always been, in my early childhood I tended to dress […]

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