GMX – Geek Media Expo

On Friday I’m jumping in the Jeep and driving north to Tennessee and my second annual appearance at GMX, the Geek Media Expo! My events are part of the DICE (Analog Gaming) track. This is where I’ll also be keeping a table to sell some books and games during the day. Come by and say hi, because if I’m not there you might just find a cute blonde to keep you company until I return.

I’ll also be attending parties, other events, and acting as a judge for one of the contests. I’m exciting to see friends old and new, and getting some gaming in! Be sure to go to Rob Schwalb’s events and give him the proper heckling attention he deserves. Also say hi to the GMX Girls and tell Gia that Jamie sent you.

GMX GirlsQ&A with Jamie Chambers
Friday, 9-10 PM
If anyone wants to talk about games, publishing, or how to make a great dirty martini we’ll be chatting for an hour.

Building Worlds
Saturday 10-11 AM
Let’s talk building worlds for fiction and gaming!

Gaming With Giants
Sunday 12-4 PM
I’ll be running six victims lucky players through an RPG session using pre-generated characters, while Rob Schwalb does the same. Wanna know what we’re playing? Tough! Wait and see.

Find the full schedule for the show right here!

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