Mexican Jamietini (Martini)

6 Nov


As friends, acquaintances, and your Mom all know, I enjoy cocktails and punches and tipples and toddies. If you look around this very site you’ll note that I’m no stranger to sharing drink recipes. This afternoon delight is a regional favorite of Austin, Texas, and was introduced to me by my awesome Longhorn sister-by-marriage. Tales […]

6 Modern Ideas That Are Decidedly Ancient

7 Jul

Ancient d20

With the ability to communicate over vast distances, fly across the globe, and play Candy Crush Saga while standing in a fast food line, we modern first-world humans are living what would have seemed like fantastic science fiction only a few generations ago. But Third Wave cultural bias means that we look at the distant past […]

Darkness, Horror, & Maturity in 80s Cartoons

29 Jun

Eric the Cavalier

Kid-focused entertainment in the 1980s is best known for being cheaply-produced half-hour advertisements for toys and breakfast cereal. I am proud (or alternately, ashamed) to admit that I was the kid who would rush from the bus stop to pour myself a bowl of crunchy sugar soaked in milk-fat and sit eye-blisteringly close to the family […]

5 Insane Recent Dangers Faced By Kids

28 May

Happy Meal Mascot

(This article uses NSFW “adult” language and the subject includes children who’ve gotten hurt. While the author makes jokes about the bizarre nature of the incidents, he does not think that an injured child is ever funny.) As summertime heats up the northern hemisphere, so too does the number of emergency room visits for our shortest and dumbest […]

A Rape of Ice & Fire

24 Apr

Joffrey Dead (Game of Thrones)

*** SPOILERS ARE COMING *** The article below is chock-filled with spoilers for Season 4, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. You have been warned. *** The Internet exploded in sound and fury on Sunday night, the howls of outrage the likely suspect in my recent insomnia. It seems like the entire world is screaming […]

Classic Metamorphosis Alpha Returns!

24 Apr

Goodman Games Hardcover

As many of you might know, I’m finishing up a big project that’s both exciting and personal to me, a new edition of the classic Metamorphosis Alpha roleplaying game. The product is late, but despite a few production setbacks I’m really happy and proud about what we’ve accomplished. I’m hopeful this might get a new generation […]

Learn History and Beat Up Dead Presidents

16 Apr

How to Fight Presidents - Cover

Jamie’s Review of How to Fight Presidents: Defending Yourself Against the Badasses Who Ran This Country by Daniel O’Brien It’s always frustrating to me when people declare that “history is boring.” It’s like they have zero idea about the human drama, betrayals, sex, and violence that shames Game of Thrones—AND IT TOTALLY HAPPENED FOR REAL. […]

Spreading the T-Shirt Love

7 Mar

Old Spice Must Flow

Anyone who knows me is aware for my love of the humble t-shirt. I settled on the “jeans & t-shirt” fashion style in 8th grade and it has shown I’m a giant nerd served me well ever since . And while sometimes a simple splash of color over my torso works just fine, my favorites […]

Buy That For a Dollar!

1 Mar

Jamie Dollar Bill

In updating the site to include some of my writing, I saw that there are some eBooks with my stuff inside you can easily snag for only a buck! So if you want some nerdy reading for your Kindle-friendly device it can be yours on the cheap! Click on the book cover images below to […]

6 Mundane (or Terrifying) Side-Effects of Sex

28 Jan

Turtle Threesome

SEX. Sex. Sexy sexsexsex. Do I have your attention? Good. Now stop being childish about it as we explore both the ordinary-but-seldom-discussed and rare-and-horrifying things can happen when consenting adults make mattress music. (The article below frankly discusses sex, anatomy, uses inappropriate language, and is not intended for minor children or my Mom. You have […]